Dr. Olga Bibikova

From Art photonics, Germany to Aston University, UK

During my visit to Aston University I acknowledge new skills at different CW and ultrashort pulse lasers including broadly tunable Ti:Sapphire, semiconductor and fibre lasers. New scientific contacts and collaboration possibilities in Aston University help to increase the number of applications of fibre optic probes developed in art photonics.

Fresh ideas and interesting suggestions of the colleagues from the other scientific field help to understand the technical and biological aspects of the common research much deeper. The comments of end-users of probes within the consortium allow improving the quality of our product.

Eva Doro

From Humeltis, Hungary to The University of Birmingham, UK

I have gained multidisciplinary knowledge and developed skills that will help me in my further carrier; such as microinjection of 24 hpf zebrafish brain ventricle, learned about the electroporation setup and nanotechnology (including nanoparticles and microemulsions).

The weekly in depth group meetings with scientific discussions have deepened my knowledge on molecular genetics, triggered new ideas for my own research project and I have received interesting and valuable feedback from researchers not only on my field but from different groups allowing me to broaden my horizon.

Prof Attila Sik on his secondment in Fudan University, China

Prof Attila Sik

From University of Pecs, Hungary to Fudan University, China

My role in the project is overseeing it and compare and contrast various management practices in different countries. As my previous research indicated considerable (and significantly different) differences exist in Asian and Western European countries how creativity is managed. To see it first hand and not only rely on questionnaire responses validated my finding. Hence the secondment improved my career perspective as a leader of international projects.